TV Mirrors

Enhance Your Décor with TV Mirrors

You may have your living room, or bedroom styled down to the T, but it lacks the final touch to your décor, TV mirrors. We can construct a TV mirror for you with a frame that will be the perfect finish.

The Benefits of a Mirror Television

Firstly, we need to look at what precisely a TV mirror is. Your TV will be encased by a box-like semi-transparent glass that has been coated on both sides. The secret is the optical interference layer that controls how it reflects the light.

  • TV that looks like a mirror. The first and obvious benefit would be that your television would no longer be visible to the naked eye. It will be behind a beautifully framed mirror that will have your guests wondering if you even own a TV.
  • No settings. Besides fitting in with your décor style, your TV is now its own masterpiece and can serve as a functional mirror. You don't have to change any settings or activate the glass, it automatically lets the light from the TV through, and when switched off, it reflects just enough light to become a mirror instantly.
  • The surprise factor. The TV is contained in a sub-frame that can support the glass screen in front. Your TV will be framed like a mirror and look like one when off, giving you the element of surprise to blow your guests away when their reflection suddenly changes into a celebrity on TV.

Related Services we Provide to TV Mirrors

If anything can be framed or restored, we have probably done it. We have 30 years of passion for framing, printing and restoration that we bring to every project we do.

  • Digital printing. Make your family memories the focal point of your living room by supplying us with the artwork photos, discuss the type of print you'd like with our team, and whether you need frames as well. We will take it from there and produce the end product according to your style and needs.
  • Installations. Art, mirror or photo installations, we can handle any type or size of project for your home or office. If you have a vast amount of artwork or wall hangings of unusual shapes and sizes, we have the perfect tools and hanging systems for the job, and we love a challenge. 
  • Restorations. If you have boxes full of family memories, you understand that photographs sustain damage over time from dust, light or cleaning. We have digital technology and cleaning tools to restore your past to its former glory by clearing up old photos, removing any camera flaws and enhancing them to take their spot on your family wall.

Why Trust Jubilee Framers Regarding TV Mirrors

We understand the structure of a mirror box and the dimensions and framing component to correctly install your TV mirror. We have over a thousand frames to choose from, and you are bound to find a style that you like. By framing your TV, you also protect your television from damage or dust, without disturbing the sound or visual quality. Further, enhance your style by reframing or restoring old photographs for a consistent style throughout your house. Contact us to discuss your framing, mirror or restoration needs.